Seattle Public Libraries: High Point Branch

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View from the Northwestern corner of 35th and Raymond looking east to the library.

View from the Northwestern corner of 35th and Raymond looking east to the library.

The second library of the year is the High Point branch. The branch was completed in 2004 with funding from the 1998 Libraries for All bond measure. The building replaced a space rented in the High Point development. The library now serves as a neighborhood anchor, drawing visitors from the wide range of communities around it.

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The Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal

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A ferry unloads cars at the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal.

Since ancient times, the Puget Sound has served as a highway for maritime traffic. Before the arrival of Europeans, the Seattle harbor served as a center of trade for the native Salish. A busy trade route ran along the Puget Sound carried by cedar canoes.

Shortly after the arrival of European settlers, the first passenger fleets on the Puget Sound were started in the 1850s. Known as the Mosquito Fleets, each private fleet was made up of a variety of steam powered boats. In the pre-freeway era, these steam ships filled the need for fast and cheap transportation across and along the Puget Sound.

Following World War 2, the Mosquito Fleets saw a gradual decline as the car replaced the fleet as a convenient means of travel in the Puget Sound area. However, the demand for transportation across the Puget Sound and to the Sound’s many islands remained. Since bridges were not practical the Washington State Department of Transportation launched its first car ferry across the Puget Sound on June 1, 1951.

Today, Washington State operates the largest ferry system in the United States. The Washington State Ferry fleet contains 22 ships with stops at 20 terminals. This week’s sketch shows the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal in West Seattle. This terminal provides access to Vashon Island and the City of Bremerton.

To learn more about the Washington State Ferry System visit here

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A ferry waits to load cars.


Alki Art Fair

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On the day I visited the Alki Art Fair a massive storm front was hovering over the Olympic Mountains. Fortunately, the storm stayed over the mountains, leaving Alki Beach sunny. In this view, we see the back sides of several booths with Puget Sound and the storm front beyond. A wide range of arts and crafts were on sale, including Bonsai, watercolors and tile work.

To learn more about theĀ  Alki Art fair visit here

To learn more about Alki Beach visit here

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