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Dreaming of Landscapes has moved to its new self hosted space. You can find it at binglestudios.com.


Timber Giant Tends Miniature Trees

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Walls structure the collection and serve as a backdrop for the bonsai.

The Weyerhaeuser Corporate Campus is a wonder of modernist landscape architect. The campus was designed by SWA in the late 1960s to resemble an idyllic Pacific Northwest conifer forests. It has since be lauded as a wonder of site and context sensitivity, appearing in such books as Invisible Gardens by Peter Walker and Melanie Simon. However, I found it hard to forget that the campus is a testament to Weyerhaeuser’s power and wealth as signs demanded passive enjoyment enforced by circling corporate security.

Ignoring the security, the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection presented a wonderful mix of bonsai. A greenhouse allowed the display of several tropical bonsai, including a flowering bougainvillea. Outside, a range of conifer and deciduous trees were on display and a show from a local bonsai club.

Perhaps the most unusual bonsai on display was a Bald Cyprus trimmed to resemble its southern swamp growth habit. In southern US swamps, Bald Cyprus exhibits a flat to habit with a dense mat of branches growing laterally from the slender trunk’s top. To me, it resembled a bird nest on top a telephone pole.

Want to learn more about the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection, go here

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